AUDIO LEARNING COURSE: Enhance Your Non-Native English Speaking Skills for Presentations (ESL)

This exciting and educational 60-minute interactive audio training course is designed to perfect English-speaking skills and build professional confidence as you will engage in a variety of challenging vocal and presentation exercises via this unique learning package. Each podcast is 7-minutes in length and is devised to create a simple and time effective method to learn quickly and on the go. Participants will receive podcasts to download on to a laptop or mobile device for easy and accessible learning. Practice in privacy along with instructor, Michelle Hutchison, at home, in the office, or in your car, as the following objectives will be addressed in the podcast series:

• Perfect the English vowel sounds and words
• Understand your vocal quality and how to improve it
• Identify English intonation and phrasing
• Speak with clarity for all audiences
• Discover what English words or sounds trip you up
• Overcome fear and anxiety of speaking English to an audience
• Practice speaking extemporaneously and with prepared material
• Build confidence in order to influence colleagues
• Diminish worry & empower your persona

COST: $650.00

Copyright Notice: All audio clips and accompanying materials are under exclusive ownership of Skilled Expressions, LLC. Registrants are not to copy, reproduce, or post material to share with colleagues or others. The purchase of this package is intended for the recipient only and strict rules and regulations are in place to protect the owner. By purchasing this material you are agreeing to the terms stated above.

Expiration date: Registrants will have a deadline of 7 days from date of purchase to download material on to hard drive. Once downloaded, registrants may interact with learning material at own pace.

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For questions, please contact Michelle Hutchison at