Instructor, Michelle Hutchison, hosts this dynamic Presentation Skills Training Community. This course offers you the option to choose a 6-month or 12-month coaching package. These 2-hour sessions will be held throughout the year via Zoom in a highly interactive platform as participants will have the unique opportunity to continue honing presentation skills while receiving individual coaching and feedback. Simply sign up for the classes you would like to attend and learn along with others as you perfect this vital skill. Go to the REGISTER button to fill out the enrollment form, select the classes you wish to attend, and confirm with payment. If you have any questions please contact Michelle at michelle@skilledexpressions.com.

6-month subscription (12 hours): $1,200.00
12- month subscription (24 hours): $2,400.00

Dates for classes:

January 7, 9:00AM-11:00AM CST
February 4, 9:00AM-11:00AM CST
March 4, 9:00AM-11:00AM CST
April 1, 1:00PM-3:00PM CST
May 6, 1:00PM-3:00PM CST
June 3, 1:00PM-3:00PM CST
July 1, 9:00AM-11:00AM CST
August 5, 9:00AM-11:00AM CST
September 2, 9:00AM-11:00AM CST
October 7, 1:00PM-3:00PM CST
November 4, 1:00PM-3:00PM CST
December 2, 1:00PM-3:00PM CST

January 6, 9AM-11AM CST
February 3, 9AM-11AM CST
March 3, 9AM-11AM CST
April 7, 1PM-3PM CST
May 5, 1PM-3PM CST
June 2, 1PM-3PM CST
July 7, 9AM-11AM CST
August 4, 9AM-11AM CST
Sept 1, 9AM-11AM CST
October 6, 1PM-3PM CST
November 3, 1PM-3PM CST
December 1, 1PM-3PM CST

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