Skilled Expressions was formed to meet the needs of the working professional. From the CEO to the guy on the grill, Skilled Expressions works with your organization on all levels in a new and imaginative approach. Our team of creative professionals will transform the way you do business, evoking a shift from the negative to the positive, as we incorporate theatre and improvisational techniques. These breakthrough discoveries will prove to leave a mark on your organization as we carefully develop your group in a variety of artist disciplines. Learning never ceases and the unique merging of art and business will open up a world of possibilities to master effective communication, conflict resolution, being in the moment, thinking on your feet, dealing with difficult situations, team building, ideation meetings, presentation skills, building business relationships and much more. Not only is the training challenging, your group will find it to be more fun than imagined as we respect the culture and unique scope of your work.


Whether it’s a full size convention or monthly meeting, we can provide the custom made entertainment for your event. Our team consists of writers and producers with decades of experience creating tailor made shows and media content for corporations, television, film, and the stage. We expertly take your mission and make it fun for your audience while respecting your message and its singular identity. We collaborate with you to create a memorable and meaningful occasion to celebrate your organization with whatever appeals to you- song, comedic sketches, environmental characters, video content, improvisational shows or custom written shows highlighting the personality of your organization.


Learning the basics of the skill of improvisation sharpens the individual and group for more effective communication, speaking extemporaneously, listening with purpose, team building, and affirming your voice. This workshop can be designed exclusively for the amount of participants. Guaranteed to be a fun filled and challenging experience for all.


Delivering presentations is a given for most in today’s corporate world, but when do you learn these important skills and overcome the fears and obstacles that this obligation can produce? Incorporating the actor’s skill set is essential to empowering the presenter as you learn to relax, find your most powerful objective, and connect with your audience. Michelle’s formula for success workshop can be tailored to the size and need of the group or team. Participants will discover a new and relevant presentation approach to reinvigorate your career path and inspire others. All aspects of the presentation will be covered from conception, message and construct, speaker skill set, and power point materials.


Webinars and on camera speaking events have become commonplace in the professional world as technology continues to evolve, and speaking to a group in person is quite different than appearing on-camera. Looking good on camera and delivering a powerful presentation is no easy feat. Michelle offers private and group on-camera coaching for all levels of expertise and needs. Participants will receive a DVD of time spent in front of the camera to review as Michelle expertly guides the individual toward a more authentic presence on camera while perfecting your message. This on-camera training experience will illuminate your weak spots and help you to find your best look as well as learn the techniques to working in front of the camera effectively. This workshop can be held at the casting office or at your work site.


Michelle is available for private coaching. One on one personal attention will address your speaker skill set in voice quality and awareness, body language, energy and connectivity, strengthening of your message, emotional engagement, and more. Presentation content will be examined for maximum impact. Live and on-camera training is available.